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      Extensive training


      For decades, ASG group continue to grow healthy and strong, continuing to cultivate professionals with the management team, because we believe that only too wide talent, companies will be able to scale new heights repeatedly, succeeding.
      Enterprise development must cultivate talent, we offer a full range of courses, career planning and business development will be a combination of employees, so that employees can receive a complete and professional education and training, and in-class environment to learn and grow.
      Apart from the use of in-service education and training to help employees perform work and achieve goals, but also to take job rotation, designed eucalyptus management, job agency, training means training camp outside round talent, while people’s education and training improve performance and personnel training-oriented so that the promotion and performance combined.
      Training program set, mainly in training staff have common traits and values-based and merit of the reserve management personnel as a priority, so depending on the nature of the training area.
      Divided into the following four categories:
      Develop leaders and leaders must have the ability to reserves, such as leadership, selection interviewing skills, team consensus-building, strategic planning, performance management, the Labor Standards Law, so that leaders learn how to lead their subordinates, and thus play a high-efficiency, increase productivity.
      General education and training capacity
      Training colleagues help to improve the efficiency of general ability, such as communication skills, presentation skills, time management, stress management, creative thinking and so on.
      education and training qualifications
      Perform specific job-related training qualifications, such as education and training new employees, supervisor training and education, training and other reserve manager.
      Professional competence training
      To perform specialized tasks (work) that must have the capabilities, such as sales techniques, customer relationship management, product knowledge, so as to enhance the professional knowledge and skills colleagues, and thus achieve good performance.

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      Add: No.1 Jinnan Road, Jinfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu, P.R. China
      TEL:+86-512-35005020 /+86-512-58572988
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